CEO Greeting

Welcome to VEL ! My name is Kyu Tae Hwang, and I am CEO of VEL.

Semiconductor, LED, LCD, Solar industry in Korea has been overcome several difficulties with unique challenge spirit for last period, so it is to attain the world level competitiveness and high technology.

VEL also have the same way of growing and developing relevant parts industry in Korea since its establishment, we have top level processing technology and design capabilities for area of: tungsten (W), molybdenum (Mo), for ion implanter equipment of semiconductor process; high melting point special metal area, such as tungsten, molybdenum, and tantalum; nonferrous metal; and engineering plastic area. The representative examples are: heater parts of MOCVD equipment for LED process, seed cable of silicon ingot grower, and hot zone for sapphire ingot grower.

With a human face, all members of VEL have been struggle for research, development and finding new products with minds of technological innovation continuously, we make every efforts to grow to be a sustainable leading company, though we are just small company, now.

A journey for future..

We will forward to challenge step by step to novelty with a big dream and a learning attitude. We do not fear to change, and will become a company with a capability and value to overcome any problem.

We will always be with our customers, and put true heart wherever and wherever. We will engage with a low attitude.


Thank you.

Company`s Vision

Sustainable, high performance and world-renowned company with various top level products

Values and philosophy of management are to:

Serve out customers with faith; be a merit system as a center of management; pursue a differentiation based on company culture with innovation, freedom, and creativity; and share and contribute to a value for happy society.

value Organization Chart

Value Engineering. Ltd. is an systematic organism, and have a optimized structure for attempting instruction of work based on harmony between teams.


April. 2019 Established Value Global Ltd.
Overseas Business Branch

Address : 1612, Bongyeong-ro, Youngtong-gu,
Suwon city, Gyeonggido, Korea.

March. 2019 Office relocated from
Yangji-myeon, Yongin-city to Majang, Icheon-city

2016 Developed AxcelisPurion
2015 Developed Plasma Gun
2015 Developed Varian NEXGEN I,II
Aug.2013 Obtained ISO14001 Certificate
Dec.2012 Selected promising business in Kyunggi-Do
2012 Developed Aixtron MOCVD Heater Filament
Jan.2011 Start up LED Business
2010 Award for “Best Partner Award” from Hynix

Jan.2010 Builded factory of localized China

Oct.2010 Start up SOLAR Business

Mar.2009 selected "The Best Supplier" from Hynix Semiconductor

May.2009 set up R & D Center

Sep.2009 Obtained INNOBIZ

Oct.2009 Developed Varian 300mm VIISta HE Arc-Chamber

May.2008 Installed addtional machines for strengthened Quality Control

Dec.2008 localized Nissin "Exceed 3000AH" Arc-Chamber and Axcells "Optima" Arc-Chamber
Apr.2007 Installed additional machines for production eniargemen
Mar.2006 Started exporting Ion-Implanter Parts to Hnix-St Semiconductor Ltd., China
Aug.2005 Developed Varian 300mm VIISta HC/MC IHC Arc-Chamber
Jan.2004 Registered Venture Business Company (new Technology)
Dec.2003 Obtained ISO9001 Certificate
Jul.2002 Developed Nissin Ion-implanter Arc-Chamber for medium current type
Oct.2001 Axcelis NV-GSD Ion-implanter high current type Arc-Chamber
Sep.2001 Started exporting ion-implanter parts to oversea (Taiwan and Malaysia)

Aug.2000 Developed Arc-Chamber for Variant VIISta 80
Jan.2000 Developed Arc-Chamber for Variant VIISta 80/200

Oct.1999 Strutured production line and started production Varian 350D, 300XP/120, E220/E500EHP
Apr.1999 Founded Engineering, Ltd. for Ion-Implanter spare parts Business.